Learn a little about the history of our company

The firm was founded in 1976. It commenced practising under the name Conradi & Co and in 1978 it amalgamated with Morrison & Co. A few years later the name was changed to Conradi Morrison & Co and this is the name under which it continues to practise.

Conradi Morrison & Co

In 1983 Conradi Morrison & Co became associated with a firm of accountants named Allendale Harvey & Co and became a member of Ace Associates. In 2000 the Lewisham office was hived off and now operates at Upper Norwood, London SE9. On 1 April 2010 the Tunbridge Wells office was unamalgamated. The firm still has interview offices in Southborough Tunbridge Wells & Lewisham London SE13.

Paul Conradi is the senior partner of Conradi Morrison & Co and is a founder member of The National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants & Lawyers and writes articles on accountancy and tax matters in respect of dentists.

Paul Conradi also writes articles on tax advice and other business problems for a Dartford magazine.

The members of Ace Associates are Allendale Harvey & Co, Conradi Morrison & Co & Equitchoice Ltd. Equitchoice Ltd is the management company providing staff and other services for Conradi Morrison & Co and clients.

Conradi Morrison & Co is a Limited Partnership Registered in England LP008245